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Arlington Mold Inspection

If the air in your home or office smells stange or if you have been suffering from allergies or other respiratory condition then it may be time to have your home tested for mold.  Arlington Mold Remediation has been doing thorough mold inspections in homes and businesses across the city for almost a decade and we are very good at our jobs.  We take pride in the services that we offer our customers. Contact us today for advice and a free estimate.

certified mold inspections

Water damage

Once of the biggest factors that contributes to mold growth in the home is water damage.  If your home has recently suffered from water damage or you are in the process of buying a new home, then a mold inspection is in your best interests.  When drywall, insulation or even wood gets damp it creates the perfect breeding ground for mold.  Mold grows and spreads incredibly quickly and it won’t take long before the air quality in your home or office becomes toxic.

Thorough Inspections

There are plenty of companies in and around Arlington that will offer you a “free inspection” but free certainly doesn’t mean thorough.  Most of these companies will simply shine a flashlight into your basement and call it a day.  What they will not do is check the air quality or take surface samples.  Visible mold is easy to detect and you can probably find it yourself.  Our certified mold testers will do far more than just check your basement, we will do a thorough inspection of the whole home. 

A thorough mold inspection along with mold testing can be crucial in deciding what has to be done in your home or business.  Do you need mold remediation or are the levels normal?  We are extremely happy when we get to tell a homeowner that they don’t have mold and no further action is needed on their property.  At the same time mold is dangerous and needs to be dealt with right away.  Our testing process along with the visual inspections not only let you know whether or not mold is present in your home but what the cause of it is and what you will need to do to fix the situation. 

Get your Arlington home inspected for mold

If you even suspect that you  may have mold in your home then hiring a certified mold inspector will help you determine for sure.  Once you have had your home inspected and then you can decide on the next course of action for your home. 

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