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Arlington Mold Removal

As our name indicates, mold remediation in Arlington is at the heart of our business. But what made our business successful is how we treat our customers.  Our clients place their trust in our ability to evaluate and test for mold and give them an honest evaluation of their situation.  Should the worst happen and our inspectors find mold on your property we will take every step necessary to remove it and make sure that it doesn’t return.

certified mold remediation

Once the mold inspection and mold testing has been completed,  it is time to start eradicating the mold in your home.  Every situation with mold is different but the process for removing mold remains pretty much the same.  At Arlington Mold Remediation our team of certified mold experts are prepared for anything and we can handle whatever is thrown at us. 

Understanding Mold removal

Before we start the remediation process, the source of the moisture in your home needs to be found and addressed.  This is what makes a mold remediation project so difficult and often costly. 

Sometimes it is very straightforward however. If you have moisture coming directly into your basement or attic and mold is living on the surface this is easy to treat.  But when you have a cracked pipe that has been dripping water into the interior of the walls, where getting access to the mold is a bit more difficult, this creates a much bigger task.   

We make every effort to communicate with our customers to let them know what is happening during the mold remediation process so that they fully understand what is happening.  We don’t come in and tear your house apart and then present you with a bill.  Our pricing for mold remediation is upfront and honest, leaving it up to you how you want to go ahead. 

Removing the Mold

Before we start treating the affected area, our team will make sure that the mold cannot spread as we remove it. Next we remove all of the infected material from your home, such as insulation or sheetrock.  There are a couple of different methods for killing and removing mold including  biocides that kill mold and prevent it from colonizing once again.  We will choose the best method based on your situation.

Mold remediation is dangerous and it should only done by a company with the equipment and safety record to complete the job. 

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