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Arlington Mold TESTING

Arlington Mold Remediation Company  provides certified mold testing and inspections in Arlington and its surrounding areas. All of our technicians are Certified Mold Inspectors and are trained in identifying mold in both residential and commercial properties.  Mold is dangerous both to your property and your health.  There are numerous health conditions caused by the presence of mold and it needs to be removed from your home promptly. 

Finding the source

Mold Testing

The first step in removing mold is identifying the source and the severity of the problem.  Testing your home for mold is far more complex than just shining a flashlight into the damp corners of your basement; it requires specialized equipment, a basic knowledge of the construction industry along with recognizing the different types of mold.  Our team of technicians are all highly trained in mold detection.

You can have mold in your home without it being visible to the naked eye.  If you or anyone in your family suffers from any of the following symptoms; respiratory issues, watery eyes or itchy skin you need to have your home tested for mold. 


WHOLE home inspection

We can do a thorough inspection of your home and our technicians will start by looking for where moisture is coming into the home.  They may also pull up carpet, move ceiling tiles and cut into the drywall to test.  Even if you just bought your home and had an inspection they may not have tested for mold beyond a visual inspection.


Air Tests

Our technicians will perform an air quality test that can help identify whether you have toxic mold in your home or business.  The test measures the concentration of mold spores. Bear in mind that mold is naturally occurring and all buildings will have some degree of mold.  Higher concentrations of mold spores can indicate a problem however.


Surface Tests

We also employ surface testing to determine the extent of the mold problem.  We take samples by swabbing the surfaces that have visible signs of mold, these tests will help us to determine which type of mold is growing in your property. 

Once we have identified that you do have a mold problem and have discovered the source, the next step is to take action.  First the source of moisture will need to be located and addressed.  After that we go ahead with the mold remediation process and rid your home of mold once and for all.  

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